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You found me! Yay!

Now that you’re here, you may as well look around. You can find out what makes me tick by clicking on the first shiny purple button *points up*. If you want to buy Never Eighteen and find out what I’m working on, click on the first bright green button. To check out my blog, click that pretty pink button in the middle. If you want to reach me by email, click on the second shiny purple button. If you want to find out what I’m doing and where I’ll be, click the last green button.
I have some FAQs under that second pink button. If you want me to visit your school, book club, or library, that info is behind the very last button. 

If you look up there *points up and to the right* you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Youtube.

Okay, I’ll shut up now. Have fun. Oh, and watch out for the sock monkeys. They’re skittish.


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